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Korea Audition Preparation

In this study abroad program,

Specializing in audition preparation

You can study in a specialized studio!

What is an audition studio

1 Learn group dance skills necessary for debut


2 Vocal training is possible

3 You can practice independently (dance and vocal) in the studio.

   JOY has a month-end evaluation and can review his own performance.

4 Studio limited auditions will be held irregularly



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Idol from DEF

Weki Meki Choi Yoo Jung, GERIEND Una, iKon Dong Hyuk, KARD

Idol from JOY

BIGBANG Sunri, BTS J-hope, 2NE1 Kong Minji, IZONE (Produce48) Choi Yena, X-1 Kang Mini

The program has improved!!

The JOY program has been changed to a training system for trainees, which has been in production in Korea since March.


As an image, classes are divided according to each level, such as Produce48 of Korean audition program and YG jewelry box, and practice and assignments are given by the team.


It is a system that improves the level by month-end evaluation. Actually, this training method is a training method that trained by a Korean office.

It ’s a training that ’s set for a future debut, not for an audition.

Class progress for each level, month-end evaluation, team training, part-time tutoring, the monthly average of 5-8 auditions


<Training that only JOY can do>


★ Ensemble

Divide into parts and practice singing together as a team. (Main, sub vocal, rap, etc.)


★ Sound note

It is practice to sing according to the pitch by looking at the score.


★ The facility where you can practice your own practice

You can practice independently in the dance studio and vocal room.

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