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[Korea] Summer vacation 1million dance study experience

Today, Kurumi, who studied abroad for 1 month at 1million Dance Studio during the summer vacation, told us about his experiences!

August was a time when there was a lot of people studying abroad for a month during summer vacation, like Mr. Kurimi. What experience did you feel and what did you feel?

In particular, there was a message from 1million teachers. Also, the episodes that have been kind to many people in Korea are also exciting. Please have a look together until the end.

Q. Please introduce your age (school year), origin, and simple self-introduction.

17 years old in second year of high school

Q. How was your studying abroad this time? Tell us about your dance lesson!

For both 1million and Xacademy, I think the lesson method itself was no different from Japanese studios. First of all, I was stretching and isolating while looking at the teacher, and then I felt like I was swinging. However, the teacher who was fluent in English and who was fluent in English was teaching lessons while translating into English.

Even if you don't understand Korean at all, you can hear English words and sometimes understand it, and sometimes I can't even understand the meaning of English at all. There was no.

After every choreography, the teacher divided the students into 4 groups and danced one group at a time. After about 1 or 2 laps, the teacher asked the person who wanted to do it again and chose from among the people who raised their hands, or picked up some people who left an impression. It was the same feeling when there was a video shot on YouTube.

Dancing with a small group of people was nervous at first, but it was a lot of fun because the students and teachers around me were excited. There were many students who came from not only Asia but also Europe, so I thought it was a foreign country.

Q. Did you have the most memorable teacher in the lesson? What kind of lesson was it?

1million is Hyojin choi teacher, Lia kim teacher and gosh teacher. Hyojin-sensei and Lia kim-sensei were of course polite and enjoyable, but I was very impressed that they spoke to the students.

Thank you very much for trying hard to convey the important things in dancing to English and so on.

Mr. gosh was fun and fun anyway. I'm a male teacher, but the movement was more feminine than female, so I learned a lot. It was an interesting person that could make people who don't understand the language laugh.

Xacademy was impressive by Dr. AS.L. It was the Beginner class, and it was a very genre that I was not good at. All the lessons of the teachers not listed here were really fun and all were very gentle and cheerful.

Q. How was the Korean atmosphere and the impression of the people in the city? Please let me know if there are any episodes.

I was worried before studying abroad because the relations between Japan and Korea are so bad now, but I was in a relatively peaceful area and nothing was done. Rather, they helped me if I realized I was a foreigner. I didn't know how to use the map app when I was studying abroad, so when I said to my sister who was walking near the destination on the map, I wanted to go here. However, he told me to find a nearby station.

Looking at the route map with that person and looking for the home, the uncle asked me “May I help you?” And took me to the home. Someone who can speak Japanese and asked their origin, so if you answer `` I'm Japan '', say `` I often came alone '' and it is easy to change stations and stations while mixing Japanese and English Could you tell me the car number? Even though I had done so, I ended up getting lost after switching, and when I asked the man who was sitting in the next seat, I got off the train together and transferred, even though it was not my destination He took me to home.

Elderly people thought that they do n’t like Japan especially because of their history, but if they had a suitcase, they said, “Did you come from Japan? I was a little surprised. However, there are some people who don't really care about Japan, and there are shops that post NO Japan leaflets. However, it was the impression that there were not many Korean customers in such stores. It wasn't just about watching on the media or on TV, but I thought it was the best to experience it through touching it. The city was more beautiful than I expected. However, there were so many hills and steep slopes, so it was a little difficult.

Q. Did you make friends while studying abroad?

it is complete! In my case, I was taking lessons at 1 million, so everyone met at 1 million. When I was waiting for the lesson to start, I talked and talked with myself. I had one child

who was introduced by the student at the end of the lesson, so I made friends with that child and their friends. Everyone wanted to be good at dancing, had dreams, and had different goals, but the story was very good because only people who loved dancing came.

It is difficult to say what kind of friend it is, but all the children I became friends with were from different places of origin, and everyone was speaking in their respective dialects, so how many dialects have passed and how many spoken words There was a child who didn't understand. Lol It was the most interesting that the child who should be the standard language was a mix of Kansai dialect, Kumamoto dialect, Fukui dialect and Hiroshima dialect

Q. What did you do outside of the dance lessons?

I didn't go to a language school, so it was a lesson from the basic evening. So, in the morning and noon, I went to a nearby supermarket and convenience store for shopping and washing, and there were many restaurants around me, so I went to eat with my friends. At first, I had no friends and I was not used to it, so I was worried about going outside and I had a lot of free time in the room, but when I made friends, I had a great time.

Q. Did you shop or eat out? If you have a good purchase or a good one, please introduce it.

A lot of good things to buy are packs. Anyway, it ’s cheap. It was 10 + 10 or so.

The delicious ones were hot cucumber, chicken and cold noodles that we ate at Hongdae. I was glad to be able to eat it because I thought I would definitely eat it when I went to Korea. ☺︎︎ I usually ate chicken at a restaurant, but I also tried Korean food. I ate cold noodles at the shop, but I was not good at spicy food and I couldn't see it when I ordered it because I saw spicy sauce in the menu photo. I was able to eat it because the clerk told me I could get out of the spicy sauce.

I often thought it wasn't spicy and the food I ate was spicy, so I think you should look at the display and ask the store clerk. Lol

Q. Did you have any problems or difficulties while studying abroad? Or what if you want to be careful when studying alone?

It was really hard to bite insects at this time. Korean mosquitoes were bitten even though Japanese insect repellents did not work. There were insects such as flies in the store and room. Especially in summer, you should have insect repellent goods.

Also, I think it ’s better to go for yourself. It's not a difficult dish, but it's really easy to make a fried rice or fried rice.

Q. Do you think you have grown through studying abroad?

I think I got the power. I went to various places for a month in a strange place where I couldn't understand the language, so in Japan, I could read the text through the language, so I could go anywhere now. Lol

Q. Have you left anything while studying abroad?

I wanted to try Hangang chicken (delivering chicken in Hangang).

Q. Have you participated in studying abroad after studying Korean? Please let me know if there are any phrases you actually used in Korea!

I did not do at all. There were words that I knew originally, but only a simple greeting. I could only read about 3 Korean characters.

I used 감사 합니다 (Thank you Kamsa Hamnida), 저기요 (Cho Guiyo, that ・ Excuse me) and 죄송 합니다 (Chesam Hamnida, sorry) well. I thought I should have remembered the numbers.

Q. Please tell me what you have taken to study abroad and what you didn't need.

Toilet paper !! In Korea, toilet paper is expensive. When I brought it, it was bulky, but I came back using it, so it was okay because there was enough space on the way home.

The rest is Ochazuke and softener. If you buy softeners in South Korea, the amount of softeners is large, and the laundry in South Korea is hard water, so if you use only detergent, the clothes will become rugged, so I think softeners are essential. Then I think it's better to wash in wool mode at the same time.

I didn't need a hanger. We did not use it at all because we had a laundry basket.

Q. What are your goals after studying abroad?

After studying abroad, I knew what I was missing and would like to fix it. I want to revenge.

Q. Finally, what advice would you give to those who are thinking about studying abroad in Korean dance?

I think I am very worried because of the bad relationship with Korea today, but when I go there, the warmth and atmosphere of people are not much different from those of Japan. I think it's okay. I don't deny all the information and stories that come from people and media around me, but after all I think what I think when I actually look at it and listen to it. I think that it was absolutely fun when I came back, so please do my best ☺︎︎

that's all.

Thank you for answering the interview in great detail!

Mr. Kurumi, who made many friends through studying abroad, touched the kindness of the Korean people, and found a new goal. Please keep doing a good job. All the staff are happy to help you study abroad.

My heart became hot many times while reading the story of Mr. Kurumi. I hope that those who are going to study abroad will have many good experiences like Mr. Kurumi. I'm really thankful to you!

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