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[Korea] Summer vacation Study abroad experience

Today, we will introduce a study abroad experience of a high school student R, who had a Korean language school and X ACADEMY dance experience for two weeks during the summer vacation.

Q. Thank you for participating in studying abroad. First of all, please introduce yourself.

A. I am 18 years old

Q. How was your study abroad this time?

A. After studying abroad for two weeks, I went to study language and X ACADEMY. I wanted to give priority to studying the language, so I did only one dance lesson, but I was able to enjoy dancing as a beginner

Q. What was the most memorable lesson?

A. My class was Y class and it was a girls dance, so I taught you sexy dance.

Q. How was your Korean class? Please tell us about the difficulty level and class content.

A. All the Korean classes were conducted in Korean, but it was very easy to understand because the teacher taught me in easy-to-understand illustrations.

Q. How was the Korean atmosphere and the impression of the people in the city? Please let me know if there are any episodes.

A. I stayed in a region called Hongdae, but it was very lively and there were many latest fashions. Also, my grandmother kindly helped me when I was lost in the subway.

Q Did you make friends while studying abroad?

A. Yes, I made friends in the Korean language class. I was a younger friend, but I was able to talk to myself and quickly understand it.

Q. What did you do outside of Korean classes and dance lessons?

A. I spent time studying Korean, shopping with friends and sightseeing in Korea alone.

Q. Did you shop or eat out? If you have a good purchase or a good one, please introduce it.

A. The cheese hat was delicious. Also, the clothes were very cute.

Q. Did you have any problems or difficulties while studying abroad? Or what if you want to be careful when studying alone?

A. I didn't have any troubles in studying abroad, but I think it would be smoother if you could speak Korean as much as general knowledge.

Q. Do you think you have grown through studying abroad?

A. The ability to act on your own. Talk actively.

I think that has grown up.

Q. Have you left anything while studying abroad?

A. I hope I went to dance lessons!

Q. Can you tell me your career path and goals after studying abroad?

A. To study more languages and go to a Korean university.

Q. Finally, what advice would you give to those who are thinking about studying abroad in Korean dance?

A. I think there are a lot of worries and things to think about, but if you go there, you will change your view of the world.

I think my life will change, so please go!

This is R's story. Thank you

Mr. R, studying abroad was as short as 2 weeks and as long as 2 weeks, but it was nice to have been fulfilling. Thank you for your study abroad.

It ’s a wonderful message, “If you go to study abroad, your view of the world and your life will change.” Thank you very much.

Please do your best in Korean for your future goals! We support all the staff✨

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