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[Korea] JOY DANCE audition preparation study experience

Today, we will introduce the experiences of Ms. Moa who participated in the audition preparation for JOY Studio during the summer vacation.

In the audition preparation study abroad, there are opportunities for private studio auditions, dance lessons in the studio, ensemble lessons, one-on-one vocal lessons. Of course, with Korean students!

What kind of experience did you have during the summer vacation?

If you are thinking about studying abroad for an audition, I would appreciate it if you could read it.

Q. Please introduce your age (school year) and origin (or the prefecture where you live now) and a brief introduction.

Well, first year high school.

Q. How was your JOY studio?

The teacher was very kind and consulted, so I was not worried.

Q. Did you have the most memorable class in the lesson? What kind of lesson was it?

It was a lesson that we Japanese could understand carefully from the beginning, such as "Let's go slowly" or "Let's go faster" in Japanese.

Q. How was it being practiced in a team with Korean students?

If you take the same lessons as Korean people, you will improve your language skills, and above all, you will be able to practice with peace of mind because you are really kind.

Q. What are your thoughts on auditioning in Korea?

Audition at JOY studio and weekly audition.

I felt that the judges were watching me better than the auditions I received in Japan, and I got better results little by little.

Q. How was your Korean class? Please tell us about the difficulty level and class content.

My language class was a bit difficult, but now I can hear what I say in Korean!

Q Did you make friends while studying abroad?

Yes. Talk to yourself to make friends!

For example, who is your favorite actor? Who is your favorite artist? And. First of all, when you find a topic and talk to it, you can make friends!

Q. What did you do outside of the dance lessons?

I was doing independence.

When the studio was not available, I practiced in the park and Kosiwon.

After that, I went to buy clothes and cosmetics and ate ... (laughs)

Q. Did you shop or eat out?

If you have a good purchase or a good one, please introduce it.

Good thing to buy is cosmetics.

Since there is a month-end evaluation, I wanted to charm myself even a little for that, so I worked hard on makeup for the past month.

Good thing to eat is Kimchi Chige.

Q. What are your goals after studying abroad?

I want to practice a lot in Japan and be able to give courage and dreams.

Q. Finally, what advice would you give to those who are considering studying abroad for audition preparation?

If you have a goal or dream that you really want to fulfill, do your best not to regret it.

And when it comes to times when you think it ’s painful, first believe in yourself.

That will give you good results.

I support your life as an international student!

This is Moa's story.

Congratulations on studying abroad for one month audition.

I think it was very difficult to spend a month in Korea while communicating with Korean teachers and students.

This is common to all those who are preparing for the audition, but it seemed that the figure of earnestly working hard toward the dream was shining. If you want to give up, read back the last message from Ms. Moa!

Thank you, Moa-san, for your valuable experiences 😊

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