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[Korea] 1 million dance study abroad experiences

Updated: Jan 26

good evening Everyone is Eto, a staff of study abroad ^ ^ Today is a story of a customer who studied abroad in September! I want to study abroad in Korea, but I'm like, 'What is it really like to go now? I think there are some people who are worried about it. I get a lot of questions about public safety, but in fact, Japanese people have never been harmed! Korea is the same as before ^^ Those who are thinking about studying abroad in the future! For those who like 1million dance studio! Please use it as a reference.

Q. Please tell us your age (school year), hometown (or current prefecture), and a brief self-introduction. I'm EO, a third-year university student (20) from Hyogo Prefecture.

Q. How was your dance study abroad this time? First of all, please tell us about your dance lessons!

Last year, I went to study abroad in dance at Everyone's Study Abroad, and this time I went to Korea for the second time to study dance. In this lesson, I was able to take the lesson almost in front of me, and I was able to learn the choreography carefully while watching the dancers' choreography up close. I've been taking a dancer's lesson that I couldn't take last year. I was picked up and taken a video, but since it was the first time the camera was turned around, I was nervous and made a mistake and it was cut (laughs) . Was there (was there)? What was your lesson like?

All the teachers enjoyed the lessons and I was able to take them, but the class that left the biggest impression on me was the collaboration lesson by Youjin Kim and Sieun Lee. Both of them are very beautiful people, and even though they had a strong HIPHOP choreography, the movement with the sexiness unique to women left an impression on me. At that time, it was the day we were filming the video, and even though I had taken the trouble to pick it up, I got nervous and made a mistake in the choreography. All of the people who took the test were good at dancing, and it made me want to dance like that, and to do my best. Q.What was your impression of the atmosphere of Korea and the people of the city? Please tell me if you have any episodes. There was a news about the Japan-Korea issue, so I was worried if it would be okay to go, but when I went shopping at Gosiwon, a convenience store near the studio, or a supermarket, the store staff said, "영본 에서 왔습니다. " Wassumnida)→When I said, "I'm from Japan," everyone seemed happy to say so. Also, when I went to study abroad last year, I went to see the manager of the convenience store who took care of me for the first time in a while and talked to him He remembered me.

QDid you make any friends while studying abroad? If so, what kind of friends did you make? How did you become friends?

When I went to Gyeongbokgung, I became friends with a Chinese tourist who came to see me and a German who I met at a dance lesson!

Q. What did you do outside of dance lessons?

Before going, I made a plan and made a sightseeing guidebook. I wanted to raise the tension even a little by making bookmarks (laughs)

Q.Did you go shopping or eat out? If you have something you're glad you bought or something you ate and enjoyed, please let us know.

I mainly shop for goods from Kakao Friends shops, as well as limited-edition mugs and tumblers from Starbucks that are only sold in Korea (laughs).

What I'm glad I bought is the Kakao Friends Ryan speaker, which I've been wanting to see on Instagram for a long time!

What I ate was oyster soup (porridge), cheese dak galbi, and cheese hattog!

Q. Did you have any troubles or difficulties while studying abroad? Or if there is anything you want to be aware of when studying abroad alone?

I want to go to this station by subway to a Korean lady, but does the train pass through this station? I was asked the way (sweat) mainly in Korea.

Things to keep in mind when studying alone

・Do not go out unnecessarily at night

・Keep security items handy

・Don't follow people you don't know .

It's overseas, and it's different from your usual life, so I think there's a sense of liberation, but it's better to keep in mind that you should protect yourself. Please keep in touch with your family everyday.

Q.Is there anything you think you have grown through studying abroad? I wasn't good at dancing at all when I studied abroad last year, so it's been a year since I started studying at a Japanese studio. This time I studied abroad again for a week, and compared to last year I was able to dance, and I was able to absorb the choreography faster . By interacting with Korean people, I came to understand Korean even a little. I wanted to be able to understand Korean more and more. I also interacted with people of other nationalities than South Korea, so I felt that if I could learn languages ​​such as English and Korean, I would be able to communicate much better.

Q.Is there anything left unfinished while studying abroad? I took 8 lessons in 1 week with a ticket this time too, but I wish I had taken more lessons...I think 12 lessons in 1 week would be tough, but I'm going to be absorbed in dancing, so I wonder if that's all right. (laughs) Q. Did you study Korean after studying Korean? Please let me know if there are any phrases that you actually used in Korea!

Before going to Korea, I learned a few simple words. I think I understand a little better than last year...

・Greetings (annyo haseyo)

・ 네 (ne) → Yes

・미안 합니다.

・왔 에서 왔습니다.

・감사합니다. (Gamsahamnida) → Thank you

・이거 얼마예요 .

・저기요 .

・또 만나요. (Toman nayo) → See you again

・괜찮아요. (Kenchanayo) → It's okay

(laughs) I'm sorry if there are too many. ( Good things to bring ) ・Folding hanger (sold at 100 yen shop)

→It's compact, and everyone hangs out in the hallway with Kosiwon, so it's convenient when you don't have enough space to dry it yourself!

・Towel that swells when wet (100 yen) → You can throw it away after using it.

・ Compression bag → To make clothes compact when you buy souvenirs and do not fit in a suitcase)

・Eco bag → Absolutely essential! If you don't have a bag when shopping, it will cost you money, so carry it with you wherever you go!

・Intestinal medicine → It is safe to drink locally when you have an upset stomach or become loose

( Things I'm glad I didn't bring with me )

Japanese food → I brought umeboshi (pickled plums), but I didn't use them much (laughs).

Q. Please tell us if you have any goals after studying abroad.

To hone your dance skills more and more. I don't know how far I can go, but I realized that I can grow more, so I try to be picked up. I want to improve my language skills so that I can speak. Next time I go, I would like to take Xacademy lessons. Q.Finally, please give a word of advice to those who are thinking of studying abroad in Korea.

When it comes to studying abroad, the image is that it will last for 1-3 months, 1 year or 2 years, and it will cost a lot of money.

I'm a college student, and I have to work part-time.

One day, when I was looking online, I found a website for anyone studying abroad, and learned that I could study abroad for a week. It's been an experience, so if the long term is difficult, I think it's perfectly fine to start from the short term. Or if you're an adult, it's short and 4 days and 3 nights in GW, so if you're worried about studying abroad, you can consult with us at the consultation meeting or through the official LINE, so I think it's good to talk until you're satisfied and decide. I think it's better to go than not to go. There is also study abroad in LA, but if you feel a little uneasy because it is far away, you can study abroad in a group, or if you are in South Korea, it is close to Japan, so I think you can start there. Good study abroad for everyone ❣️

Thank you very much 😊

Thank you very much for your heartwarming and wonderful experiences ^^

I'm rooting for your future success ♪♪

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