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[Korea] 1 Milliondance x XACADEMY dance study abroad experience

Updated: Jan 26

Hello.Everyone is Eto, a staff of study abroad 😊Today, we would like to introduce the experiences of customers who have attended both 1Million and XACADEMY studios.You want to study abroad and take lessons at as many studios as possible, right?If you are worried about 1Million and XACADEMY studios, we recommend taking both.Q. Please tell us your age (school year), hometown (or current prefecture), and a brief self-introduction.A 19-year-old second-year university student from Hokkaido. I am currently attending a university in Aomori Prefecture.

Q. What made you decide to study dance abroad this time?

My parents were BIGBANG fans and when I was taken to their live performances, the BIGBANG and back dancers were so cool that I got hooked on KPOP. I wanted to go to Korea someday and dance, so when I was a high school student, I researched it and found that everyone came out to study abroad. rice field!

Q.When did you start dancing?

I have been dancing since the second grade of elementary school.

Q. How was your dance study abroad this time? First of all, please tell us about your dance lessons!

I personally went to YGX with 1million, but both lessons are mainly in Korean. Occasionally, when I realized that they were Japanese, they would use simple Japanese.

After a brief explanation of what we're going to do today, we stretch, dance to the song several times after shaking off the dance, and at the end, the person who wants to do it or the person selected by the teacher dances.

Even though I didn't understand Korean, I did my best with gestures. smile

Q.Did you have a class that left the biggest impression on you? What was your lesson like?

Mina-sensei's lesson! Since I was watching it on YouTube, I was happy just to be able to take a lesson with my favorite teacher, but the lesson I took on the last day was MAMAMOO's gogobebe, which was choreographed by the teacher, and MAMAMOO was a special guest. Being able to see the dance in front of me after making an appearance left a deep impression on me.

Q. Where did you enjoy the most while sightseeing in Seoul?

No. 1 is Lotte World!

I arranged and borrowed PRODUCE's uniform with my friend from Korea and played all day long. smile

I was happy to be able to wear the same uniform as an idol.

Q Did you make any friends while studying abroad? What kind of friends were you?

Whether it's 1million or YGX, I've made friends with people who are studying abroad. Also, I became friends with Koreans I met at the studio and exchanged instas and still keep in touch!


If there is anything you ate or bought in Korea that you would recommend, please let me know.

31 in Korea has 10mini, which is not in Japan, so you can enjoy 10 flavors! There are Korean flavors that are not found in Japan, so you can enjoy them!

Q. Please tell us about your career path and goals after studying abroad.

Before graduating from university, I want to go to Korea a lot for study abroad and travel to improve my dance and Korean language skills. I haven't decided anything after graduation, but I think I'm doing what I want to do at that time by making use of my university experience. smile

Q.Finally, please give a word of advice to those who are thinking of studying abroad in Korea.

If you are wondering about studying abroad, please go!

I'm alone and I don't understand Korean, so I think I have a lot of anxiety, but if I don't go, nothing will change, so I went anyway. smile

When I went to study abroad, I had no choice but to do my best there, so I somehow managed to use English and simple Korean gestures! smile

And above all, it was a very good experience and I gained a little confidence in myself!

I think it would have been difficult if I had been completely alone from the beginning, but anyone can pick me up at the airport and guide me to the housing studio, so I can start studying abroad with peace of mind! ! !

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