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[Korea] 1million ・ X ACADEMY Summer vacation group study abroad experience

Here are some experiences from studying abroad for 1 million × X ACADEMY groups (July 29th to August 4th, 2019).

Today's story is about high school student Rio.

If you are interested in studying abroad in Korea or are worried about studying alone, but are interested in studying in a group that works together as a group, please read the experience!

Thank you for participating in the summer vacation group studying abroad. First of all, please introduce yourself.

My name is Rio, my second year in high school. I'm learning to dance.

Did you have any thoughts

about participating in a dance study this time?

I wanted to go to Los Angeles because the child who was working with the team went to study in Los Angeles, but considering the cost, I decided to go to Korea first.

Since when have you been dancing?

Since I was in 3rd grade.

How was studying abroad this time?

I participated in studying abroad without knowing anything about Korea, but it was more fun than I expected! I have traveled to Korea in the winter, but I went to 1million or X ACADEMY for the first time.

How was 1million Dance Studio? Do you have a favorite teacher?

After all, the first impression is that the facilities are solid. It was bigger than the studio where I took lessons in Japan. My favorite teacher is Minny Park. I also watched YouTube.

How was the X ACADEMY workshop?

There were about 30 students. I was only a girl in Japan, so I was able to experience freestyle and dances in a completely different genre. I couldn't dance well, but it was still fun.

While you are studying abroad, you may have traveled to Seoul?

Myeongdong ... It was good that I had free time and was able to relax slowly. I did a lot of shopping in Myeongdong. I bought a lot of clothes. I also bought cosmetics and souvenirs.

What was the best thing you ate in Korea?

Myeongdong dumplings were very delicious! I put it right away without lining up. After that, everyone who studied abroad delivered chicken and pizza, and it was delicious.

What is the most memorable thing during your study abroad?

After all, it is a dance lesson. The most memorable experience was taking the lesson of Mignon. I wanted to take more lessons.

Did you make friends while studying abroad?

Yes! Of course, I was able to talk little by little with high school students but also with junior high school students.

Did you study Korean before studying abroad?

No, it was not at all. I didn't speak Korean because it was almost a gesture, but I managed to talk.

What if you left behind while studying abroad?

I think I was desperate to learn how to swing and could not burn completely. (I think it's really hard to master a perfect swing in a limited dance lesson by staff)

Please tell us about your goals and dreams after studying abroad.

I haven't decided on my dreams yet, but I want to keep dancing!

Finally, do you have a message for those who are thinking about studying abroad in Korea?

Looking at the person picked by the teacher in the lesson, there were more children who had the passion or their own way of dancing than those who were good at dancing. Try to dance with your own charm. Depending on the teacher, you can experience different lessons from Japanese studios.

That's Rio's interview. The appearance of Rio who talked about dance seemed very fun. Thank you for your wonderful experience.

If you are interested in studying abroad in Korea, please feel free to contact us. All the staff are waiting

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