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[Korea] 1million ・ XACADEMY GW group study abroad experience

We are looking for participants for group study abroad during summer vacation.

I would appreciate it if you could read and refer to it.

First of all, please give me a brief introduction.

I am a 5th-year university student, from Miyazaki Prefecture, and I am Seirai Kai.

Please tell us how you decided to study abroad during Golden Week.

I've always wanted to dance in Korea, and this time I happened to take a break, so I decided to try it.

1million was a studio that I had always watched on YouTube and was a studio of an idol's office that I liked X ACADEMY.

How long have you been dancing?

I have continued since the first grade of elementary school.

How was your dance lesson this time?

It's so much fun that I want to go next.

At 1million, there are only good people at the beginning, and can I dance in such a place? I felt like it was, but when I took the lesson, the people around me were excited, and I was able to dance very happily.

Also, X ACADEMY was a practice studio for idols that I always watch, so when I entered the lesson room, my tension increased. However, my legs were slightly injured during the lesson because of pressure. TT

Did you have a favorite teacher?

Mina Myoung and Hyojin Choi are the most admired teachers and I wanted to take lessons from Tina Boo on the last day. It was very disappointing.

How was the nationality of the people participating in 1million dance studio lessons?

Surprisingly, there were more Japanese people. In the past, anyone who had come on a study abroad program has come to study abroad alone, or many overseas.

Also, I was impressed that some former idols were able to take lessons together.

Did you make friends while studying abroad?

Yes, I was able to make friends with both Japanese and Korean.

There were more junior high school students and high school students, but how was it to study abroad together?

I remembered my high school days. I haven't had many regrets while dancing, but it was great that dancing with everyone while studying abroad also created a sense of rivalry and made me feel like trying hard.

There was also sightseeing in Seoul as a group studying abroad.

Is there anything that you ate in Korea that was delicious?

The bulgogi that I ate with everyone on the first day is impressive. I ate bulgogi for the first time in Korea, and it was delicious. It was a little different from the bulgogi that is common in Japan, and the meat was fluffy and delicious.

Did you study Korean before studying abroad? Please let me know if there are any phrases you used.

I like idols, so I often watch Korean programs in Japan, and I learned Korean while watching subtitles. Also, I have Korean friends at the university I am attending, so I learned Korean while teaching them.

The phrase that can be used is "사진 같이 찍어 주세요" (when you take a picture, please take a picture together). If I can say this, I will have more friends in Korea, and I can get along soon.

Can you tell me if you have any future goals or dreams?

I am currently studying to become a pharmacist, so I can't go on the path of dancing in the future, but I would like to become a pharmacist who can dance while studying drugs!

Do you have a message for those who want to study abroad in the future?

I think it's best to do what you want to do, and I don't regret it.

I spent a short period of one week every day with the children who participated in this GW group studying abroad, and I became friends like brothers and family. If you are interested in studying abroad, please join us!

This is the story of Mr. Narita.

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

During the interview, Mr. Narumi's dream particularly resonated. Please do your best for your ideas!

Also, if you learn Korean phrases recommended by Seikei before studying abroad, your friends will increase! !

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