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[Korea] 1million ・ XACADEMY GW group study abroad experience

Today, following the last time, I will introduce the experiences of studying abroad from Natsuna, who studied abroad at the GW dance group.

Please introduce yourself first.

This is Nana Takamatsu, a 14-year-old junior high school student. I studied abroad from Saitama Prefecture.

Can you tell us why you decided to go to the dance this time?

Initially, I liked Korea drama, Korean cosmetics, and K-POP about Korea. I knew about 1million by watching YouTube, so I wanted to go there. On Instagram, everyone who danced with 1million, or anyone who was studying abroad often watched the information.

How long have you been dancing?

I have been learning dance since my fifth grade.

How was your dance lesson?

1million was bright in the studio. X ACADEMY is also brilliant, but the atmosphere was slightly different. Both were very good.

I was pleased to pick up one lesson at both studios.

I felt that if I danced with a smile and enjoyed my heart with a dance lesson, even if I didn't dance well, I felt pleased.

Did you have a favorite teacher?

I liked Mr. Yoojung Lee, who took lessons at 1million last. I was a teacher who was always watching on YouTube, but I liked it because she was calm.

Another person, Dr. Junsun Yoo, was also calm. The swing was cool and awesome. I also took a lesson, but it was challenging to learn.

Is there a difference between a male teacher and a female teacher?

It ’s quite different. The genre is different, and the lesson flow is different, so it was nice to experience each one.

How did you spend your time waiting for the lesson?

I spent some time taking photos with my friend.

Has Natsuna been studying Korean? Are there any phrases that you could use while studying abroad?

I studied by watching Korean dramas and watching Korean lectures on TV and revising what I recorded a little. You can read Korean characters.

The words I tried to use were also “사진 같이 찍어 주세요” (Sajin Katch Chigojuseyo = Please take a picture together) and “감사 합니다” (Thank you Kamsa Hamnida = Thank you).

If you say “감사 합니다,” the other party will always reply, so it ’s recommended.

How was the guest house where you stayed while studying abroad?

You can use one towel per day at the guest house, but if you go late at night without picking up a new one, the front will close, so it's a good idea to bring a towel from Japan. It was.

Also, since the toilet and shower in the guesthouse room are combined, if you leave the toilet paper in the bathroom, it will be flooded, but if you do not enter the toilet with the toilet paper, you will be in trouble with the toilet. Attention is necessary (laughs)

And since the room is relatively small, I thought it would be better to use the storage space (equipped shelf) in the place during my stay.

As for dancing, I wanted to dance with a freshly tuned look and a more creative expression.

Regarding tourism, this time, I was studying in a group, so I thought I should have acted with everyone more.

Can you tell me about Natsuna's future goals?

I want to become a dancer and dance instructor by doing work related to dance in my future dreams, so I wanted to go to different countries and learn. I want to study American dance someday.

Finally, what advice or message would you like to study abroad?

Please enjoy yourself and do your best to study abroad.

I'm nervous at first because I'm just meeting people for the first time after studying abroad.

That's Natsuna's story.

Thank you for your specific story!

I was delighted to hear that you were able to dance happily.

Please do your best for your dreams!!

Why don't you try to study abroad like Natsuna's experience?

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