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[Korea] Audition preparation study abroad experience ③

hello. Everyone is Eto, a study abroad staff😊 Today , I would like to introduce the experience of a customer who studied abroad at JOY DANCE ACADEMY for two months as an audition preparation study abroad .

JOY DANCE ACADEMY changed to a new system specializing in [audition] from March this year.

In the new system, you will first take a level test before taking lessons, and then choose the class that matches your level from the "S, A, B, C" classes.

The image is a system similar to audition programs such as South Korea's Produce 101 series!

Of course, if you want to prepare for a Korean audition, even if you are a beginner in dance and vocals, we have a system in place that will teach you from the basics.

Let's take a look at the experience of audition preparation study abroad! First of all, please introduce yourself briefly.

My name is Reina. She lives in Fukuoka and she is 20 years old now.

Please tell us what made you decide to study abroad to prepare for auditions.

I turned 20 this year and felt that it was getting tougher to become an idol, so I decided to participate because I wanted to gain experience by studying abroad to prepare for auditions.

This time you attended JOY DANCE ACADEMY (hereafter referred to as JOY Studio). Is there a reason why you chose JOY Studio?

I thought it was a studio specializing in auditions. When I actually went there, the teacher was kind and supported me very well. it was fun.

How was the dance lesson at JOY Studio?

There were about 7 students in the class I took, but it was easy to understand because they looked at each student carefully and taught them.

Since the lesson system changed in March, I thought that the atmosphere was a little tense, but it was really fun to get together and practice.

The dance choreography was also very difficult at first, but as I practiced, I got used to it and became able to dance well.

How was your vocal and ensemble lessons?

I was able to learn vocal lessons from the basics, so even now that I'm back in Japan, it's still useful.

The ensemble has an atmosphere where everyone works together to practice, so I think it was a good experience.

Classes B and C are only for K-POP, but in the A class of the ensemble, we practice both K-POP and Western music, so English for Western music was very difficult.

(Supplement: In the ensemble lesson, we decide the singing and dancing parts and practice singing while dancing)

How long have you been practicing independently?

The studio opens at 12:00 pm, but I practiced vocals and dance every day from 1:30 pm until the end of the evening lessons.

When we practiced the ensemble, we all set a meeting time and practiced together.

How was the atmosphere at JOY Studio? Were you able to communicate well with the Korean members?

JOY's studio had a great atmosphere and everyone was kind. I was happy that the Korean members helped me even when I couldn't speak Korean.

Even when Japanese members were together, they naturally used Korean to talk.

The teachers were also kind, and when there were children who were worried, they gave me individual consultations.

How many times can you audition? Did you get any response?

I used to audition five or six times a month at most. There were also companies that felt a response.

At first I was nervous about auditioning, but I gradually got used to it.

Reina, you also attended a Korean language school. How was the language school?

Everyone at the language school was kind and fun. I went to the studio while attending a language school, so it was good that I could use the words and grammar I learned in conversations that day.

Were there any recommended spots or foods in Korea?

I didn't go out to eat much, but once a week my friends and I would go to "Nene Chicken" near JOY's studio and eat chicken.

It was fun to go shopping in Myeongdong with the Japanese members the day before I left Japan.

In what ways do you think you have grown through this study abroad experience?

I think my language skills have improved, and I think my singing and dancing skills have improved as well.

Also, during the audition, I got used to the audition and became less nervous.

  Reina, please tell us about your future goals. I want to keep taking auditions in Japan! Do you have a message or advice for those who are going to study abroad to prepare for auditions? I think you should study abroad! You may feel anxious at first, but you will soon make friends and miss going home. I want you to take on the challenge without feeling nervous.

Reina-san, thank you very much for your valuable experience 😊

I want you to do your best and challenge the audition in Japan! All the study abroad staff are rooting for you!

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