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[Korea] Short-term dance study abroad experience (Part.11)

Updated: Jan 30

This is eguchi, a staff of study abroad for everyone 😊

The hot summer is over and it's getting chilly

The autumn season has arrived^^

This time, for those who returned from a short-term dance study abroad during summer vacation

I would like to share my experience

Q.Please introduce yourself briefly.

→ First year high school student, 15 years old

Q. What made you decide to study dance abroad this time?

→ Originally, I wanted to go abroad, but due to the influence of Corona, the timing was not right and I could not go.

I can go to Korea by applying for a tourist visa, so I decided to study dance this time.

Q. Please tell us why you chose the studio you attended.

→I like Korean dancers, especially the teachers at Xacademy.

Q. If you have any recommended cafes or restaurants in Korea, please introduce them!

→The gimbap shop near Exit 6 of Sinchon was very delicious. We ordered bibimbap, mandu and kimbap, all of which were delicious and we would like to go again.

Q. Have you had any fun or difficulties while studying abroad?

→ What I enjoyed most was being taught by authentic K-POP teachers.

I struggled with language and hygiene. After all, I felt again that Japan is very beautiful.

Q.Is there anything that was useful when you were studying abroad?

→It's Japanese food. I thought I didn't need it either, so I didn't actually bring it, but there were times when the rice tasted better in Japan and I missed Japanese food a few times.

Q. Do you think that you have grown through studying abroad?

→ Where you grow is the power to live. I didn't have any parents over there, so I had no choice but to live on my own. I think I got to

Q. Please tell us if you have any goals for the future.

→In the future, if I have the time to go to Korea again, I would like to visit another studio, 1million. And I wanted to speak more actively in Korean.

Q.Finally, please give a word of advice to those who are thinking of studying abroad in Korea.

→I think it's more difficult than you think. However, I think that I can experience things that I can not easily experience and grow partly. If you are a student, I think you should go there at least once while you are a student, as there are many difficulties even for adults.

Thank you for your wonderful experience💕

Thank you very much for your hard work, short-term dance study abroad in corona misfortune.

I think that studying abroad was a difficult time, but I'm glad that I was able to make an effort and grow 😊

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