K-POP professional dancer studying in Korea

This is a study abroad program in Korea aimed at becoming a K-POP professional dancer.

About K-POP professional dancer studying in Korea

This is a long-term training program for those who want to become university entrance exams (choreography department), back dancers, dance studio instructors, office dance trainers, and office choreographers.

K-POP professional dancer training program period is a minimum of 6 months to 1 year and 6 months.

After completing all the courses of the program, you will belong to the Korean dance team “POTEN410” and will support you to become a dance teacher for JOY DANCE ACADEMY, a dancer for K-POP program, a trainer for each entertainment agency, and a choreographer. .

The training will be held at JOY DANCE ACADEMY, and the supervising will be led by Dr. Yoon Yae Bum, who is active as a professional dancer of K-POP.

Dr. Yoon Ye Bum


Lecturer: YOUN YEO BUM

Career: Dance Team “POTEN410” Leader, Audition Center Deputy Director, Keio University Choreographer Visiting Professor, Matsugen University Choreographer Visiting Professor, WAVEON ENT Choreographer, JJ Holics ENT Choreographer, Wynn ENT Choreographer, One World Choreographer , RBW ENT trainer, CRAZY ENT trainer

How to become a K-POP professional dancer

The process up to JOY DANCE ACADEMY's K-POP professional dancer development is as follows.

(There are individual differences for an example)

Completed K-POP professional dancer training program

Member of dance team "POTEN410"

While belonging to a specialized dance team, he gains experience as a dancer such as a back dancer, studio instructor, entertainment agency dance trainer, entertainment agency choreographer, and will be active as a professional K-POP dancer.

Since the cost and duration of study abroad are not disclosed, please contact us using the inquiry form below.



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Terry .M

Los angeles Ca

I improved my language  greatly during staying with host family and studying in FUKUKUOKA and passed N1 level in Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Field trips were great, and dinners provided were just more than my expectation! The courses provided by FUKUOKA were satisfying that  Language courses were pretty intensive however helpful if you truly want to use your Japanese. Teachers were humorous,kind, and always love to help students when they have problems. I

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